Furgli - our mascot

The funny, wild "Manndl"

Once upon a time, in the surroundings of Serfaus some "wild Manndln" were living. The "wild Manndl" is a small Kobold who is living in a cave. They are very shy but helpful. They help the farmers and look after the grazing cattle.

Such a Kobold, a funny guy named Furgli is still living in his cave high in the mountains of Serfaus. But looking after cows and goats - in no way. His loves to visit the children in the Familienhotel Furgler and to bring them presents! But if you wait to receive a present personally - no no no! As all Kobolds he will bring them like a thief in the night!

In summertime Furgli loves hiking or mountain biking and in wintertime.... take a look and accompany him on his adventures by colouring one of his funny colouring pages.

Sing with us!

Furgli hat his own song and rap! We are sure, that you will be able to sing with us soon.

listen to the Furgli SONG
download the Furgli SONG text (PDF)

listen to the Furgli RAP
download the Furgli RAP text (PDF)

Furgli's colouring pages

Here you will find Furgli's funnycolouring pages

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Furgli hopes that all children will have a lot of fun and an amazing day!