Furgler conditions

Please note that we are not able to confirm room numbers and/or floors. All pictures are examples for rooms, deviations of the sketches are possible.


After your booking you will receive a twofold confirmation.

Please double check the confirmation, complete resp. correct the missing personal details and family members travelling with and send back to us the completed confirmation sheet. Please highlight if you want to make use of the offered travel cancellation insurance or not. In case of incorrect information about the children's age, we will calculate the price according to the effective children's age.

An advanced payment becomes due within 14 days (free of charges). You can transfer the advanced payment to one of the below mentioned accounts. The advanced payment is amounting to one third of the total price. Please indicate as reason for the transfer the name on which the booking is done.

Credit cards: VISA/ Mastercard - handling fee will be charged

EC Cards (MAESTRO): from A and D without Pin; all other countries (I, CH, NL, B) with Pin.
Please check your limit for payments in foreign countries before the beginning of your holidays, if you want to pay by MAESTRO.

We recommend you to pay the total amount 14 days before the beginning of your holidays to one of our mentioned bank accounts. This transfer is not obligatory! Of course you settle your final bill also cash.

Bank details (international)

Raiffeisenbank Serfaus
Hotel Furgler GmbH & Co KG

IBAN: AT55 3631 5000 0002 0198

Bank accounts in Switzerland
(Suisse Post account)

Hotel Furgler GmbH & Co KG
in EURO 91 - 36879 - 9
IBAN: CH17 0900 0000 9103 6879 9

Hotel Furgler GmbH & Co KG
in CHF : 90 - 741692 - 2
IBAN: CH64 0900 0000 9074 1692 2

Our guests from Switzerland can do a national bank transfer to our mentioned account at the SUISSE POST.

The advanced payment has to be free of charges for Familienhotel Furgler also for cash payments on our account in Switzerland. For payments on our accounts in Switzerland our  exchange rateof 1,20 is valid within 14 days.

Please note, that for international bank transfers (SEPA) from Switzerland to our account in Austria an extra fee of EUR 5,- will be charged.


We offer the possibility to effect a travel cancellation insurance.

The insurance will cover the following cases of cancellation:

  • inability to travel because of illness of one of the insured persons
  • accident or illness of one of the insured travelling persons
    (husband/wife, life partner, children, parents-in-law)
  • death of one insured person or death of one family member in the nearest family circle

Covered by the tracel cancellation insurance is belated arrival, cancellation or abortion of your holidays.

For the insurance we calculate::
€ 4,- per adult and day, € 3,- per child and day

After effecting the travel cancellation insurance a refunding of the cancellation charge fee is not possible. The travel cancellation insurance can only be effected for all travelling family members - it is not possible to take someone out of the insurance.


What to do in case of loss?

Please inform immediately Familienhotel Furgler if you are not able to take your holidays. Only written cancellation notices will be accepted. For our insurance we need a doctor's certificate inclusive diagnosis, which confirms that you are not able to spend your holidays in our hotel.

In case of a cancellation which is covered by the insurance, we will send you back your advanced payment less insurance costs and less cancellation handling fee (€ 40,-). Therefore we need your bank details.

In case of an abortion of the holidays (f.e. illness, accident) a local doctor's certificate inclusive diagnosis is needed for the insurance.

In case of cancellation without conclusion of our offered travel cancellation insurance or due to reasons which are not covered by the travel cancellation insurance following costs become due
 - till 1 month before the agreed arrival day 40 % of the booked total arrangement-price
 - till 1 week before the agreed arrival day 70 % of the booked total arrangement-price
 - within the last week before the agreed arrival day 90 % of the booked total arrangement-price

A cancellation till 3 months before the agreed arrival day by one-way declaration of one of the contractual partners is possible without any cancellation fee. In this case only the costs of the effected travel cancellation insuranve and the cancellation handling fee become due.

The general terms and conditions for the hotel industry in Austria are valid.

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