Adventure Mountains in Tyrol

Attractions for your hiking holidays in Serfaus in Austria

10 years ago, Thomas C. Brezina created the family hiking trails "Adventure Mountains" in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.
What do a „Witches’ Trail“, a „Pirate Adventure“ and an „Explorer's Trail“ have in common? They all are theme of the “Adventure Mountains” in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Three exciting family adventure hiking trails and their mysteries wait for you! For the 10 year jubilee new activity stations and new trails were designed. Let's start and download the app!

Adventure "Pirate Adventure"

Where is the ghost ship? The people are whispering that during a stormy night it landed in Serfaus. An eye witness told that some items went "over board". An anchor, a barrel and a crow's nest are some of the lost items which will show you the way to captain Pepper's ship. Where did captain Pepper hide his treasure?

Adventure "Witches’ Trail"

Start is in Fiss: On the path to the "head first witches' house" you will see magical things and you have to solve some mysteries. There are uncommon noises, figures, chairs and mirrors as well as a bouncing bridge on your way. With some creativity and persistence we are sure, that you will solve all mysteries and find the house at the end..

Adventure "Explorers Trail"

Known is only that a mysterious tree house has been found in the forest of Ladis. On the "Explorers trail" you will meet giant snails, see the world throughout the eyes of an ant and you have to identify animal's footprints. Step by step you will reach the tree house.

Thomas C. Brezina

The well known austrian Autor and TV host has invented these stories to help children see mountains, nature and the environment from a new perspective.

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