Summer Fun Park Fiss

for family holidays in Tyrol

Step on the gas, hurtle into the bend and whoosh straight out of it.

It’s a brilliant feeling when you whizz down the mountainside on the Fisser Flitzer. Get ready for some great thrills and spills when you ride above the Möseralm on the Fisser Flieger at speeds of up to 80 km/h (almost 50 mph). The Skyswing is nothing for the faint-hearted: 12 m of free fall and 4 G speak for themselves!

The center of the fun park is the Möseralm, which everyone can reach easy by cable car. The fun park offers also a lot of games and fun:


The children’s playground with an XXL sand pit round off the extensive choice of children’s activities in the Summer Fun Park Fiss. And the children’s play area in the restaurant ensures that children never get bored, whatever the weather outside.

Berta’s Air Slide

Slipping and sliding both at the same time - and all this under Berta’s watchful eye.

Electric Cars

Little racing drivers get their kicks zooming around the Solarbar. And this select course is not just a special experience for the little ones.

Petting Zoo

A petting zoo awaits children and grown-ups right next to the Möseralm. The goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, ducks and pot-bellied pigs you find here love being petted by children.

Water Playground

Feel the power of water, build dams, paddle about and spray water at each other.

Air Cushion & Trampoline

Practice your high jumps, somersaults and other kinds of jumps on the trampoline and air cushion in the Summer Fun Park Fiss.

Kneipp Centre

Our Kneipp Centre on the Möseralm is just what you need after a strenuous hike. It consists of a hydrotherapy bath for your feet, an arm bath, a foot massage facility, an audio play and a resting place. Refreshing Kneipp hydrotherapy regulates blood pressure, stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the veins and by heavens, it makes you hard! Please follow the instructions on our sign to find out the right way to enjoy Kneipp hydrotherapy.

Sunbathing Deck

Hammocks, beach chairs and sun loungers entice visitors to stop for a while and enjoy a well- deserved break. Wonderful views of Fiss and the entire Summer Fun Park.

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You need some courage to try the "Fisser Flitzer", the "Fisser Flieger" and the "Skyswing".