Serfaus in summer

Summer holidays in the family hotel in Tyrol

That is because of its wonderfully panoramic location on the Tyrol’s sunny terrace, a place nestling in the unique Tyrolean mountain world, with a mixture of rural charm and international flair.

Even the settlers of old knew where it was worth putting down roots: a settlement was first built on the "Via Claudia Augusta", the Roman road to the north, around 1000 AD.

Today’s visitor to Serfaus can continue to enjoy the sunny panoramic location at 1,427 metres above the Inntal valley.

Serfaus - the paradise for families with children!

Serfaus trills parents and children, not just in winter, but in summer and autumn, too: from the all-day children’s programme to our many child-friendly facilities, Serfaus offers everything you could imagine.

Unique! The metro in Serfaus

The little village of Serfaus is host to a unique pioneering feat! Amazingly, a metro has been built to handle local transportation requirements.

Traffic calming
Due to the increasing amount of traffic in the village, in 1983 the village council approved a project for an “air cushion funicular underground railway”. In 1985, the Serfaus village metro (Dorfbahn) went into operation. When the Serfaus Dorfbahn went into operation, a driving ban at the municipality of Serfaus has been issued. Guests are allowed to drive to the accommodation when arriving. During the stay it is prohibited to use the car within the village (e.g. for shopping, driving to the cable car station, …). Excursions outside the village are permitted. The driving ban is valid during winter and summer season. Supervision is carried out by the village police Serfaus.

Thanks to the SERFAUS MANAGEMENT MODEL FOR TRAFFIC QUIETENING, the metro ensures enhanced quality of life for local residents and holidaymakers alike. Four stops offer great opportunities for visitors to Serfaus. What’s more, the completely free metro named "Dorfbahn" does not travel on wheels over a track, but hovers instead on a 1 mm cushion of air over its trajectory – absolutely smoothly and quietly!

The Familienhotel Furgler is located direct opposite the metro station "Zentrum".

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