Murmli Trail in Serfaus: a playful family hike

Theme path for your family holidays in Tyrol

After a long winter sleep, “Murmli” is awake once again. That means, it is time for all the kids to set out on a journey of discovery through Murmli’s colourful world. Instead of one of those strenuous hikes in the mountains, this is an adventure-packed, fun-filled trail for all the youngsters, big and small, bringing the perfect change of pace to any summer’s day.

Murmlis world

From the “Talking Well” to the “Speaking Root Man” and then on to the “Sleeping Bear”, who roars out loud when our little “forest sprites” attempt to tickle him out of his hibernation. A few turns further down the path there’s the “Wise Owl Fiona”, who has some interesting tales of her own to tell, while just a few steps beyond that, you will come right to Murmli’s very own home, where even the biggest kids are sure to be amazed at what they see. And let’s not forget to have a photo taken with mom and dad at the Photo Board, also located along the Murmli Trail.

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Do not forget to take a picture at Murmlis photo board.