Murmli Water: the water playground near your hotel in Tyrol

Fun in nature for kids in the family holidays in Tyrol

At the interactive water playing yard "Murmli Water", along the banks of the Lausbach and close to the intermediate station of the Komperdell cable cars in Serfaus, different play- and hands-on stations have been created, including water wheels and channels, the landslide hill, weirs and a race course for model ships. We absolutely love it when visitors build dams and divert the water, while mud fights are officially sanctioned! Parents not wanting to get soaked can withdraw to our special Relaxation Zone and watch all the wet, messy and fun-filled goings-on from the safety of their own lounger.

Our world of aquatic adventures includes the following attractions:
Murmli’s Archway, water reservoir, archery range, water track, Murmli fountain, rock labyrinth (Murmli treasure hunt), race track for model boats, stepping stones, landslide hill, sun loungers, relaxation zone, sand- and mud pit, water stairway, play houses, slides, Murmli lighthouse with picnic area and climbing frame, water wheel in the stream.

“Murmli’s Cave“

Feel like a marmot and explore an underground world! An elaborate system of caves, 200 metres long, with various access passages from different directions provides an insight into the hidden world of the four-legged terrestrials. Adventure-seekers dare to discover the underground on a slide while others stride through the mysterious entrances on foot. As you walk through the tunnel with its many forks and junctions you could be forgiven for thinking you’re in a little marmot maze. Inquisitive researchers can inspect the marmots’ sleeping quarters, and pop up again at the observation deck in the middle of the cave. The vantage point offers views of a little lake above the cave. You can also play around with the periscope which provides a wealth of impressive insights, and it’s always exciting to find out which passage leads to which surprise. Children and grown-ups are welcome to crawl along and explore the secrets of the marmots’ habitat.

Gold fever in Serfaus!

At the "Murmli Water" in Serfaus gold panning is the favoured activity in summer! In hods filled with water and sand you can find treasures like gold nuggets and pieces of brass. The children can look for the gold by pans, as once the real gold panners once did. To pan the gold the children can use the right tools: pans and ladles are at anyone's disposure. There can also be found jewels and the gained treasures, of course, can be taken at home!

Marmot enclosure

The big whistling concert!
The marmot, famous for his characteristical whistle, feels really well in the mountains of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Next to the playing yard "Murmli Water" you can watch our 6 little “Murmli” marmots laze about, eat and play in the big outdoor enclosure.

Murmli Rodeo

Four new adventure stations in the Adventure World Serfaus at "Murmli Water"

Hay Sack Race

At the “hay sack race“ you have to overcome a distance of only 14 metres. Not an easy task. After all there are palliasses hanging down every two metres and swinging to each other uncoordinatedly. So it is no surprise that one can easily get off course.

Drive the Cattle

When you “drive the cattle” bounce and skilfulness are required. A wooden disc with built-in meadow, hazel and synthetic switches is driven by a bicycle. Cowboy and cowgirl now have to jump over the switches.

Herbal Sack Shoving

The “herbal sack shoving“ is all about gloating. The challenger stands in the middle of the circle on a wooden pedestal and the others now try to shove him or her from the pedestal by means of hanging palliasses.

Grilled Sausage

At the station “grilled sausage“ Junior clings to a huge turning “sausage” which is covered with leather while dad, mom or friends – having a mischievous smile on their face – try to make the “grillables” fall by determinedly turning the oversized skewer.

Alm promenade

The 1.5 kilometres long adventure trail starts below the Komperdell midway station, stretches around the nearby water reservoir and leads back to the starting point. On the way, there are a lot of stations with objects and information boards explaining the history of Serfaus and how it developed from a poor farming village to a silver mining place and finally to one of the most famous holiday destinations of the Alps.
As witnesses of the time, the stations feature different objects from the rural culture, as for example scythes, hay forks or rakes. If you want to take a break in between you can relax on the feeding troughs and hay carts which were remodeled into resting places.

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Enjoy your day at Murmli Water (do not forget some extra clothes).