Six Senses hiking path in Tyrol

An all-round sensory experience

The high plateau is thrilling grown-ups and children with a further nature attraction:

The trail – called the “Six Senses” – offers enjoyment and an all-round sensuous experience with a surprising array of captivating impressions at many stops on family walks and hikes. Our ability to perceive enables us to recognise things.

So it follows that everyone can experience and discover our mountains in a way that appeals to all of their senses. On the “Six Senses” trail in Serfaus you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste and even experience illusions. The countless attraction zones are dotted with playful, quiz-like stops, offer a choice of searches for visitors, look highly attractive and technically are state-of-the-art.

To take an example, the last stop on the “Six Senses” trail features the words: “Your true wealth is what you enjoy.” After so many tree sounds, experiments on extrasensory phenomena and clairvoyance as well as the bizarre phenomenon of spoon sitting a little reflection is more than appropriate.

The breath-taking views along the trail are a feast for the eyes and remind us what a privilege it is to be able to enjoy the sense of sight. Enjoyment is a central theme that runs through the “Six Senses” trail which is probably unique in its design and conception.

Takes about 3½ hours to walk.
Starting point: Murmliwasser
This trail leads to Madatschen

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