Skyswing: an action highlight in Serfaus

Action adventures in you holidays in Tyrol

On the meadows of Möseralm you can find another adrenaline pumping attraction: The "Skyswing" is your chance to get in the feeling of zero gravity for a few moments.

Up to 6 passengers at the same time are lifted up 20 meters above ground by the gigantic swing, before it'll take you all the way down in free fall. Skyswing-Pilots accelerate to a top speed of 65 km/h and have to bear the four fold force of earth gravity - truly adrenaline in it's finest form.

Children have to be at least 10 years old and must be over 130 cm body height to use the Skyswing.

Skyswing facts

Swing-radius: 15 m
Elevation: 22 m max. 120°
Height of free fall: 12 m
Max. force of gravity: 4 g
Top speed: 65 km/h
Capacity: 6 persons

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